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Instant Remote support: Simplify and Speed Up GlassShop Support

When you have a probem, we can log into your computer and assist you with any issues. Its a great way for us to quickly understand your issue and then apply changes to make it right. This is the kind of personalized service that makes working with Data Tranz a great decision for your company.

Please use the following link to view options to work with TeamViewer. there are several links here - just use the link that we instruct you to use.

When a Data Tranz technician is working on your computer, please:

  • Let them work and don't fiddle with the mouse!
  • Don't take over the session without letting them know. We do not have unlimited time.
  • Let other employees know that we are in the system - we've had our sessions subverted by employees who consider the computer unattended and start checking personal emails while we are watching.
  • When we are done, we often will leave the system in a way that should be obvious that we are completed. Occasionally, we'll simply open a text document and leave that on the screen with our instructions and observations.
  • Please remain nearby if requested - we may need to restart your computer.

Thank you!