Keep up with rising fuel costs by adding surcharges

One thing that seems to keep going up is fuel costs, and your vendors may be charging you more and more in the meantime. It is important that you keep up with your business. You'd be surprised that many of your customers will not question supporting you by including a fuel charge on your invoices.

This is how you do it:

1. Create an item in Miscellanous Parts or Miscellaneous Labor. The Part ID can be anything, but the Description must have the word "surcharge" somewhere within. The price will be the percentage. For example, 4.00 will be 4% surcharge. You can make many of these at different rates, up to you.

2. After you have completed adding all parts to your invoice (or work order), add the part you created in #1. This will calculate a surcharge and apply it to the item total based upon the current subtotal of the invoice. NOTE: if you change the invoice dollar amounts, the surcharge amount WILL NOT change. You will need to remove and re-add the surcharge item so it can recalculate.

Comments: Requests from several customers in particularly high fuel cost areas were made for developing this type of feature. We may continue to add enhancements to this feature, depending upon customer requests. If you have any ideas for the software, please email us at