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Fast, easy, dependable quoting from the electronic NAGS GlassMate Database

Select Year, Make, Model, and Body Style, and get NAGS and OEM Parts.


GlassShop Quote has:



Has all the information provided in the NAGS catalog in an electronic format..


Simple Single-Screen Operation

GlassShop Quote maintains all your quote information on one screen. This reduces the time and confusion spent navigating. Errors are reduced, and your day goes easier!



Print Professional Documents

The GlassShop system has lots of options for your operation. Keep things easy, and look professional at the same time.


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GlassShop Quote is easy to learn, and easy to train. Many of our customers who are new to the industry find our software easy to use, and many who are moving from a different software prefer Data Tranz, because it gives you the results you want without surprises. Please take time to view the online videos and take a look at the screen shots.

How Easy is it to Use?

Creating Orders is EASY

Choose Year, Make, Model, and Body Style, and you get the entire NAGS database for that vehicle. Also, you can see OEM parts, too.

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Easy Parts Lookup


QuickQuote Lookup Method


OEM Part Numbers


Accuracy with Graphics


Maintain and Easily Update Pricing Profiles

GlassShop allows you to maintain different profiles for each account. This way, you can negotiate special deals with your local accounts, and maintain pricing for various insurance companies.


Download a Demo

Click the link below to get to the GlassShop Demo which you can download today.



GlassShop Quote is renewed annually for $499.99. There is no monthly support required for GlassShop Quote. You will receive your updates on a regular basis. The NAGS Site License and Workstation License is included in the price.

How to Purchase GlassShop

We have several options for purchasing your GlassShop Software System. You can:

  • Purchase right now with a credit card or PayPal by pressing the "Buy Now" button below,
  • Phone your order into 1-800-241-1493 and we can set up an account and fax or mail you an invoice, or
  • Print and fax back the faxable order form.

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