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Sell, purchase, and maintain measurable items.

Many businesses will sell part of an item, which will require measurements for area, length or even volume. Often, these measurements conform to peculiar industry standards.


What does Central do?

Does your operation:

  • regularly sell irregular portions of items, such as glass, pipe, carpeting, etc.
  • need to round the measurement of these items according to regional / industry standards,
  • sell several kinds of products, but want to keep everything in the same software,
  • enforce minimum sales of certain items,
  • include labor on the sale,
  • have multiple divisions within your company which need to be tracked,
  • a service or install division,
  • sell special-order-parts,
  • may have multiple sites within company,
  • benefit from purchase-order-on-the-fly by allowing you to create PO's directly from a work order,
  • have other add-ons to Dynamics GP, such as Wenn-Soft,
  • accept deposits for work orders,
  • sell to commercial as well as city-desk or cash customers?

No More Double Entry


We understand that chasing down and fixing errors can be one of the most frustrating parts of operating a company. Data Tranz Metrics was created to streamline and eliminate the need to time consuming double entry of transactions from the front end to the back-end accounting.


Integration Points - Transactions


Metric integrates directly and instantly with a world-class accounting program Microsoft Dynamics GP. For example, when you create an invoice in Metrics, it becomes an invoice in Dynamics GP at the same time. Some transactions go only one way into accounting, other transactions go both ways.


Dynamics GP

Work Orders




Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Purchasing Receipts

Receiving Documents



Work Order Deposits


Invoice Payments


Ship-to Addresses

Sales Orders

Drop-Ship Addresses



Inventory Transactions


Integration Points - Database


Dynamics GP

Unit of Measure

Unit of Measure


Customer Cards

Vendor Pricing

Vendor Pricing

Hold Lists

Held Customer (credit limit)



Company Addresses

Company Address Maintenance

Inventory Numbers

Inventory Maintenance

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Maintenance

Employees and Users

Salespersons and Users

Pricing (can be modified)



What can Central do for us?

  • simply, it can do a lot for selling parts of items, beyond the capabilities unit-of-measure,
  • consolidate different sales order systems into a single system,
  • make the information exchange between the back and front offices much easier and faster,
  • what happens in accounting also impacts the point-of-sale (such as when a customer is on hold)
  • data entry errors are eliminated,
  • elimination of double entry makes the entire operation more efficient, and
  • finding historical transactions is easy because of the shared database.

Do we need additional Dynamics GP workstation licenses?


Metrics is stand-alone, and operates on its own system manager. It connects to the Dynamics GP database independently, through its own connection, and does not pass through Dynamics. Typically, our clients have several LAN clients, plus additional remote Citrix or RDP clients utilizing the system.

Sales Order Processing


Some of the main features and advantages of Metricsl for Sales Order Processing include:

  • The system is Windows based, the standard for business, giving your employees immediate familiarity with the various controls (hardware & software),
  • The order entry screen is designed as "all-in-one". You do not have to move from screen to screen to finish an order. Its all on the main screen.
  • Quotes, Work Orders, and Invoice documents are maintained physically separate,
  • Multiple methods of looking up previous orders both historic and current,
  • You can save a work order directly from the schedule, and to any site!
  • The scheduler is fully configurable on days and hours of the weeks, sites, and technicians.
  • The order entry system has multiple checks and balances, making sure that you have the least amount of errors as possible,
  • 100 characters available per line item for custom descriptions and instructions,
  • Customer hold notification set in accounting holds orders in sales order processing,
  • Special order part generation lets you create items right there for items that are typically not found in your item list.
  • Accept partial payment deposits on work orders.

Unsaved Work Order

Receive payments

View Invoice in Microsoft Small Business Financials

Invoice Details



Seamlessly move items from your work orders onto a purchase order at just a click of a button

  • When viewing a work order, just check the box for the item that you want to purchase,
  • Metrics purchasing will try to determine your best price among vendors automatically,
  • Purchase Orders can be sent directly to a fax printer for faster processing,
  • Easily drop ship items to the ship-to indicated on the order entry screen,
  • view, edit, print and receive Metrics purchase orders within the accounting program,
  • utilize the match-invoices feature within Dynamics GP to make receiving even faster and more efficient.

purchase ordering on the fly



See how much you have in stock before finalizing a work order or making a purchase order.

  • Track quantity on hand, quantity on order, quantity held, and quantity allocated,
  • Yes, the system will maintain inventory on flat glass!
  • Various 'zoom' buttons in the system allow you to instantly lookup the status of an item from different parts of the system.

Other Major Features


Our integration products for Microsoft have been in operation continuously since 1998. Our programmers have added many new features over the years. Here is just a few of the features of Metrics:

Integration with Other Microsoft Products

Work smarter and faster.


  • Metrics includes many native reports that are specific to Metrics,
  • Many reports are native to Dynamics GP system,
  • Utilize Smartlist, a way of exporting inventory, customer, payroll, employee, and vendor information to Excel quickly and easily, and
  • Purchase another application to create custom reports, these include Crystal Reports and FRx Designer User.


  • Can be set up to match your operations needs,
  • Consolidate your call center into a single headquarters,
  • Easily and quickly scan your operations to find open times to schedule work,
  • Add notes directly onto the scheduler,
  • Use the scheduler as a lookup tool.

Advanced Printing Options - you do not need an expensive 3 or 4 part form to run Metrics Retail.

  • Print inexpensively to laser printers,
  • Set different printers up for different documents, even remote printing
  • Set different trays on the same printer for different copies, and with different options,
  • Supress pricing on work orders within a print job,
  • Include descriptions on printed documents for its destination, IE: customer, accounting, shop, etc.

Cash Drawer

  • Cash drawer support (opening) within the Metrics payment screen.


  • Utilize a barcode reader and the point-of-sale,
  • print barcode labels directly out of Metrics

Credit Card Processing

Metrics allows you to accept credit card payments via swipe or phone order for immediate and secure Internet based transactions. Please contact us for an assessment.

Customer Success

"The software was cost-effective for our glass business. We were able to start with the modules we needed-general ledger, accounts receivables, inventory, purchasing and banking-with out paying for things we didn't want or need. The support is exceptional. We get fast turnaround on service calls, and the expertise of a trained Microsoft partner to consult on our software. We have the data we need, its integrity is secure, and our support is everything we could ask for." customer in Florida

How to Buy


We want you to make the right decision, and we want to take the time to go over our systems with you. Generally, the process follows:


  1. Contact Data Tranz and we can go over a more in-depth needs analysis to identify your critical business functions.

  2. Arrange an online demo of Metrics with Dynamics GP.

  3. Discuss solution and identify any other critical needs and answer any further questions, such as a hardware assessment.

  4. Data Tranz will prepare a project proposal detailing implementation, software components, timeline, and payment schedule.

  5. Further project clarification and decision making.