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Designed to fit the needs of glass retailers that require the robust and advanced features of a world-class accounting package

Central is the ideal solution for large operations that are likely to have a full time accountant, or accounting staff, may have a manufacturing or distribution sector, and seek to streamline their entire operation into one application. GlassShop Central is unique. No other application is available for the glass industry that offers real-time sharing of information between multiple locations, and a real-time integration into a world-class accounting system, Dynamics from Microsoft.

This is a mature system

Our Central System is a mature system. It has been operational at client sites since 1998. Since the fundamental are strong with this system, we spend our programming time creating new features to fit the changing needs of our competitive customers. It is an extremely reliable system partly because we use mature database solutions such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Desktop Engine.

GlassShop Central for Dynamics, The ultimate solution for the glass business

GlassShop Central is the only system available for retail (and wholesale) vehicle glass enterprises that provides true integration into an accounting package. Not only do we provide sales data for Dynamics, but we also create purchase orders, receive purchase orders, accept payments, and use various other Dynamics modules and data.

Some of the main features include:

  • integrated with Dynamics, the award winning accounting package from Great Plains Software,
  • the ability to manage multiple shops in a wide-area network,
  • the ability to maintain multiple inventory locations (warehouses),
  • maintains separate or combined accounting records between locations,
  • view and transfer inventory between locations,
  • Electronic Data Interchange EDI with Lynx Services and Satellite,
  • multiple print destinations with the option to use Laser or preprinted forms,
  • optimized call center work order scheduling with remote printing, and
  • over 1,500 native reports, all, of which, can be changed.

The Order Entry System

GlassShop Central is designed so you can take a person who is relatively unfamiliar with the glass industry, and have them quoting and booking jobs with a minimum amount of training. Some of the advantages that our systems have include:

  • The system is Windows based, the standard for business, giving your employees immediate familiarity with the various controls (hardware & software),
  • You can enter part notes that display on the part, so, you can specify which lot to take from inventory first, or tell your CSR's to remember to use a certain molding,
  • The order entry screen is designed as "all-in-one". You do not have to move from screen to screen to finish an order. Its all on the main screen.
  • Quotes, Work Orders, and Invoice documents are maintained physically separate,
  • Multiple methods of looking up previous orders,
  • You can save a work order directly from the schedule, and to any site!
  • The scheduler is fully configurable on days and hours of the weeks, sites, and technicians.
  • The order entry system has multiple checks and balances, making sure that you have the least amount of errors as possible. You can require certain fields, such as the Date of Loss, to be required before a document can become an invoice.

The Inventory System

The inventory system in our Central System is particularly strong, as it caters directly to the automotive glass industry. We maintain inventory numbers in Dynamics, but we also maintain a variety of other characteristics within the Central System. Some of the main features of the inventory system in GlassShop Central include:

  • the option to track inventory by serial number, lot number, or to simply maintain quantities,
  • the ability to track inventory by manufacturer or brand name (a must in today's multiple tier, OEM / non-OEM options),
  • the ability to apply a part note directly on the lot or serial number,
  • warehouse management by two-dimensions,
  • purchase order creation, and
  • many easy to use functions designed for inexperienced users.

Great Plains Dynamics - the standard for companies with over $5 M annual revenues

Microsoft purchased Great Plains last year. With this partnership have arisen tremendous opportunities for businesses seeking to leverage the advantages of cutting edge technologies in their industries. We have been a partner of Great Plains for over 6 years, and with their headquarters just down the road, we enjoy easy access to their facilities and training workshops. Great Plains is offering fabulous discounts on the SQL database, as well as providing traditional links into Microsoft Office (especially into Excel)

Why Dynamics?

Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics helps make small to mid-sized businesses more profitable by delivering the information you need when you need it, so you can make smart decisions faster. Add to that the benefits of a product built for Microsoft SQL Server, a fully Web-enabled database product that sets the standard for scalability and speed. Plus, Dynamics works with world's leading suite of productivity software, Microsoft Office, so you can deliver information in the formats that many businesses already use.

One of the Reasons for Great Plains Success...

is that they provide open access to their files and their business rules to their partners. Dynamics is a big program, and has the broad features that will accommodate everything from a nonprofit organization to a medium sized multinational corporation. Great Plains has succeeded in bringing together these diverse businesses is through partnerships with companies like Data Tranz, that create and market turnkey and customized solutions that augment and enhance the functionality of Dynamics.

Integration Features

GlassShop Central is a stand-alone program, though it operates on the Great Plains platform. We have programmed GlassShop Central in Dexterity, the same language used in Dynamics, giving use tremendous advantages when developing systems such as ours. We recommend and integrate with the following modules in Dynamics:

  • Invoicing (not SOP),
  • Inventory and Purchasing,
  • A/R, and, of course,
  • GL.

The system will grow with you

It is our goal to change our systems to fit your needs. You are successful, and one of the reasons why you are successful is because you have been able to change as the glass industry changes. New opportunities will arise and we can work rapidly in order to meet your needs, and build onto the system in a way that we may have considered far-fetched only a few month's ago. We believe that we will only be successful is you succeed. Call us for a demo today. We'd be happy to talk with you, and can give some of our customers a ring and see how they like the system.


Main Module, GlassShop Central (Server Site) $6,995. Monthly Service & Support, $275, EDI, $.89. Satellite Shop (real-time hookup) $995. Service & Support $75. These prices are one time. Service & Support includes some custom programming, as negotiated, PC Anywhere remote support, and timely upgrades to fit your needs. Annual NAGS database charges are a flat $200 per workstation accessing the database. Additional charges for Microsoft SQL to be announced.