NAGS User License Definition

A user is defined as each computer and/or terminal within any location, including mobile, that is directly accessing the National Automotive Glass Specifications (NAGS) Database or receiving information retrieved from the Database, whether the Database resides at that location, is accessed by that location from a host of file server computer, or is down-loaded to that location by a host or file server computer. If a location has multiple users, each concurrent user of information derived from accessing the Database through any medium within a location shall also be deemed a separate user. If a user, through a single identification number and password, enter orders for multiple locations, each such location shall be deemed a user.

NAGS License Duration

Your NAGS database license lasts for a single year from the date of purchase. You do not own the database, you only have license to use it for a single year. There are no exceptions --even if you are using an older or expired version of the database. You cannot access the database in any form once your license period has expired, unless you purchase an additional license term. If you continue to use the database beyond expiration, you will be in violation of your license agreement, and subject to prosecution.