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We want to make it easy for you to find the solution for your company. This price (in $U.S.) list is effective February 1, 2015 and is subject to change without notice. You will receive a one-time link for downloading the software upon purchasing your system, so you can get started today. You will also receive codes for your system based upon your bill-to information. If you prefer, you can simply fax back an order form for the system that you require.

GlassShop System




The perfect system for the small repair-only operation. Print professional invoices with repair location, and submit invoices via EDI to Lynx and Safelite.



The best price anywhere to get the NAGS books electronically. Enter Year, Make, Model, Body Style to obtain the NAGS and OEM Glass Parts. Maintain a pricing profile to keep quoting consistent. Upgrades to Lookup XE or Deluxe.


Lookup XE

Our entry-level software, giving you basic NAGS lookup, along with EDI functionality and the most attractive price in the industry. Let Lookup XE get your business going on the right foot, and give your customers attractive invoices and let Lynx and Safelite know that you are ready to work!

250 down & 29.95 monthly

Call to arrange monthly payment options on any version of our software.



Our most popular system: does everything as Lookup XE, but it also can be networked, AND, it includes an export to QuickBooks routine, as well as all the accounts receivable functions that are in the GlassShop Pro System.

574.99 ($34.95 Monthly Service and Support)


More advanced for the larger operation. Includes inventory and purchasing controls, scheduling, and accounts receivable. NO ANNUAL RENEWAL with Pro. Just NAGS workstations, so in the long run, PRO is less expensive than Deluxe.

849.99 ($44.95 Monthly Service and Support)

GlassShop Central

Directly integrated into the backoffice accounting solution - Microsoft Dynamics GP- which is not included in this purchase price. The only directly interacting and integrating solution available to the glass industry. Handles multiple sites seamlessly. Advanced solutions for single and multiple site locations. Modules for automotive and flat glass.

by proposal


GlassShop Retail

Flat Glass Only operations only need this to get started with measuring and selling flat glass. Extremely easy to use, and includes a 'starter' database of glass products so you can get started today.



GlassShop Retail (Multi-user)

Multiple User for Network Operations