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Customization of GlassShop Software and Dynamics GP Customization

We are problem solvers. Have you just upgraded and a previous enhancement doesn't work? Or, do you need some windows built for your system that will enable your business process?


Recent Projects:

  • development of several database and form triggers to improve and streamline receivables (lockbox) management,
  • purchase order on the fly capability within SOP,
  • inventory transfer automation within SOP,
  • custom vendor pricing,
  • special order part generation via Dynamics Class,
  • advanced quoting and kit (assembly) for manufacturing front end, and
  • complex measurements for item cards in SOP for pricing AND costs.

We have a full system manager that will work with our custom dictionaries, allowing us to create self sufficient applications in Dexterity (the programming language of Dynamics GP) that still follow the Dynamics GP business rules. We have extensive experience with design and deployment, and will work with you to create the most sensible and efficient project for your solution.


Advantages of the stand-alone approach

Since we can operate our software on as stand alone basis, not requiring the Dynamics GP system manager, we effectively bypass the site requirements for Dynamics GP users. This helps in a couple of ways:

  • an operation does not have to purchase Dynamics GP licenses for users who don't use Dynamics GP (and only interact with the database).
  • we can do different and creative things to make your system work for your business.

Business Strategy

Maybe you're not sure exactly what you need, but you know the results you require. We can go over your needs and determine how they can be addressed. Often, we can find a solution that is very simple, such as merely having a customized report. Sometimes, we develop completely new windows for Dynamics in order to meet your needs.

We often receive requests from a person delegated to the task of finding a firm to do customization. What we don't like to see, is that they've gotten very specific about the various functions that they want, down to the keyboard nitty-gritty. We like to see this time as a time of possibilities, and we can look at creating a strategy with customization that can lead to new efficiencies based on the BIG picture. We are located in the Fargo, North Dakota, USA, and we do understand what you need, and we'll work with you to get it done right.



We are accustomed to operating under restricted timelines. In fact, we find that it brings all parties together quickly and efficiently, and we can develop without uncertainties and mis-steps. In the Dexterity development environment, we can rapidly develop, test, and deploy software. Couple that with remote desktop technologies, and we have an environment for success.



We've been working in Dexterity for over 15 years, and all of our applications are developed in Dexterity. If you would like to take a look at what we do for our stand-alone clients, please take a look at one of our applications for download. We recommend downloading GlassShop Manager or GlassShop Retail, as they are smaller than the GlassShop Lookup/Deluxe/Pro download. Just click the Download Now button on the left. In the comments part of the email, please indicate "Dexterity" so we know you are not in the glass business.



Our fee for Dexterity work is $95 per hour. Deployment, packaging, and support would be handled by others in the company and generally fall under a short or long-term service contract.

Get Started by Contacting Us

We'd be happy to talk with you about your ideas and discuss your situation. If it is something that we can help by providing an add-on to your Dynamics GP then we'd like to provide a scope of work document. If we are on the same page regarding the work that needs to be done, we can submit a formal project proposal. Either click the "Send Email" link below, or ring us at the sales line.

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