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March 23, 2006

Tri-City Glass Featured

Data Tranz customer Tri-City Glass was recently featured in their local business section in the Post-Crescent. The article discussed the history of the company, their current leadership in the market, and their involvment in the community. Tri-City Glass operates a mixed glass business, offering Auto, Commercial, Retail, Glass, as well as a substantial Door sales division.

Tri-City Glass operates the GlassShop Central System for Microsoft Dynamics. For project costing on commercial projects, they utilize an add-on module for Dynamics from Wenn-Soft. Data Tranz's GlassShop Central system handles auto glass and residential glass point-of-sale, EDI billing, purchasing, and receiving.

The system is completely integrated electronically, allowing a seamless flow of data from the point-of-sale into the General Ledger. There is no double entry in their system, and they have up to the minute information about what is happening in their entire operation.

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