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Is Glass Repair your Add-On?

We help body shops, lube shops, car washes, dealerships and others process their insurance claims efficiently and inexpensively.

When you fax to Lynx and Safelite, you pay a manual fee of $7.50 or more per invoice, which is deducted from your check. If you utilize other services, you may be paying closer to $10 or $15.

We charge you $1.99. That's all.

With Paper EDI, you simply use our toll-free number to fax to Data Tranz, we enter these into the computer, and we forward to Lynx and Safelite in electronic form. This does several things:

1. You eliminate manual fees and surcharges made by Lynx and Safelite,

2. You pay a lot less per claim in processing fees,

3. You get confirmation emails and faxes from us, along with expert assistance on helping you to submit a successful claim,

4. You can track your claim online at the Lynx and Safelite web sites,

5. Your payment goes directly to you, not through Data Tranz.

6. We bill you at the end of the month for our services, as a simple vendor, not a surcharge.

Questions? Concerns? Call us, or look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Paper EDI.

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Is Glass Repair your add on? We can help with your insurance claim processing. Read More!

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