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FAQ: Paper EDI

How could this work? I fax my invoices to you, and I save money! Read on for more about the questions we encounter every day about Paper EDI.

Do I have to send a minimum?

No, there is no minimum requirement. We have customers who may only fax one or two invoices a month to us! (if that!) It doesn't really make any difference to us!

So, do I still have to pay Lynx and Safelite $7.50? (or more)

NO, NO, NO. With Paper EDI, you will not receive any manual fee deductions from the networks! Your invoices are processed just like you were using software. The fees you pay right now are manual processing fees, paying Lynx and Safelite employees the priveledge of entering your claim manually into their system. With Paper EDI, Data Tranz bypasses the fax machine at the networks, and our own employees do the processing for less.

How fast do you process?

Generally, if we receive the invoice in our fax machine by 4:30 CDT, it is entered and processed that evening, and sent to the networks on that same day. We are fast and efficient.

Who gets my check?

YOU DO. We are purely the "middleman", and there is NO way that your check or money can get confused on our end because we do not touch it. The networks are smart enough to tie the authorization or dispatch number of the job to YOU, and only YOU. Data Tranz has never handled our customers money, nor do we have any expectation of performing this type of service. You money goes straight to the shop to whom the job was dispatched. Data Tranz does not deduct any service fees or anything from your check.

Does Data Tranz get my money?

Data Tranz does not get your money. We do not handle our customers money, nor do we have any expectation thereof. We survive by providing services to glass retail operations. We only bill you for our services.

How fast do I get paid?

Your invoices will be electronically submitted, so their resolution will be much fasted than any other means. Generally, Lynx will cut a check for your services the day that the work is accepted.

Does Data Tranz get paid by Lynx and Safelite (or anybody else) for processing these invoices?

Data Tranz gets paid only by you, the glass shop, for our services. We do not receive any monies or renumeration of any kind with the networks.

Am I obligated to always use Paper EDI with Data Tranz once I start?

No. There is no enrollment process whereby we inform the networks that you have started processing EDI through Data Tranz. As far as they are concerned, they just want your invoice, and the road that it takes to get to them is irrelevent to the final outcome. Therefore, if you find you do not like Paper EDI, you can always go back to your current method of processing.

What if I have to fix something for an error on my part, like a bad VIN, do I have to pay Data Tranz twice for processing?

NO, we only bill for accepted invoices, and only for the first instance. We believe processing invoices is a team effort, and we do not care to assign blame, for one thing, for errors. Our goal is to get invoices entered and processed as fast and as accurately as we can, as that is how we get paid by you!

How do I know what I've been paid for?

We send you a quite a bit of information about your invoices. First of all, if you have an email address, we send you and email that tells you which invoices we've forwarded to the networks. After we receive acceptances, we will send you and email or a fax describing the disposition of your invoices, so you will know whether they have been accepted, and any reasons why they have not been accepted.

Do I have to use a fax?

Nope. We have lots of customers that mail their invoices to us! Some send invoices straight out of QuickBooks (which has an email invoices function), and some email us scanned copies of their invoices. We really don't care how you get them to us. If you want to mail us your invoices, we can send you some pre-printed mailing labels in order to simplify the process on your end.

How did Data Tranz start doing Paper EDI, and for how long?

Data Tranz has been processing invoices as a manual services since 1998. We got started when we had some existing customers who had various problems with their computers, like modems going bad, hard drive crashes, and they still needed to send in their invoices! So we came up with a pricing scheme that we believe is extremely fair and reasonable, and started quietly developing a loyal and successful customer base.

Can I still fax to you if I had to get an authorization from Lynx?

Even though you have an authorization for something from Lynx, you can still fax to Data Tranz. Just put the fax that they sent you in your files. They have the authorization already cleared on their end.