Inventory & Purchasing

We developed GlassShop Pro's inventory and purchasing from the ground-up for the vehicle glass industry. We understand that one of the most important aspects of your business is to buy low and sell high. One way to manage your margin between purchasing and selling to the optimum is to know exactly which part you are going to sell. The GlassShop Pro system does this several ways:



GlassShop Pro allows you to keep track of your inventory 3 ways; by maintaining quantities, by serial number, and by lot number. You will probably have a mix of parts, some that you maintain just quantities, and others that you will sell directly from your "warehouse" rack.


Brand / Source of Inventory


GlassShop Pro allows you to easily look into your inventory, (from the main order screen), and see your quantities on hand, quantities ordered, quantities on hold (pending work order), the vendor you purchased the part from, the brand of the part, your cost (optional), lot number, and all other information provided by the NAGS database.


Purchasing "on the fly"


You have the option of going directly from a order into the purchasing screen - automatically! All you have to do is select your vendor and print out the PO and you are done. You can also add additional items or create a PO from the main purchasing window.


Warehouse Management


If you choose to maintain your inventory by lot number, then you will always have a list of what is on hand at just a few clicks away. You can also place items in a pre-determined location in the warehouse by part number, or you can decide where to put your inventory at the point of receiving. The warehouse is managed by a two-dimensional location, such as Rack 5, Row 3.