Multiple Site Support

New to GlassShop, we now offer support for multiple sites in Deluxe and Pro versions of GlassShop. Fundamentally, you simply log into a site when you start your system, but you can also save jobs, and do anything for another site if you have access for your user login.

With multiple site support, you can:

  • have users from across town or across the country log into your GlassShop System and conduct their day-to-day tasks under their site,
  • consolidate call center and administrative operations into a single site,
  • have call center staff book jobs for remote sites,
  • create reports and manage the jobs on a site-by-site basis,
  • have a unified backoffice for all sites, so you can do your billing and receiving all at once,
  • secure your operation so only users see information for the site they are authorized to see,
  • easily identify the origin of documents by a site specific prefix,
  • optionally submit claims by different tax ids,
  • track all work by site, and
  • various other benefits that give a growing business the power to grow.


Here's the bottom corner of the GlassShop order entry screen: